The Irrepressibles


The Irrepressibles

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	  		Bb        D#m Bb 
When you left me 
Gm                 D#m            Bb      D#m  Bb                         
send me away that magical ship I dreamt for 
Gm                    D#m                   Bb  D#m  Bb                                                
drowned by the ocean met with the motion and roar 
Gm                       D#m                   Bb    D#m  Bb                                       
Brought back to life by glistening mermen I was odored 
Gm                       D#m                                                 
hailed in the depths I still could hear your voice 
but I am yours 

Bb          D#m  Bb 
Find me oh 
Gm                 D#m               Bb    D#m  Bb   
take me again I'm desperately needed to be yours 
Gm                     D#m                Bb     D#m  Bb   
give me the right and I'll be the reason to the cause 
Gm                     D#m                   Bb   D#m  Bb   
There'll be no end to all of the sorrows I will adorn 
save me again 
    D#m                               Bb  D#m Bb 
I'll be the one you're still longing for 

Gm                       D#m                  Bb   D#m  Bb   
You can be real now you're kissing me without an applause 
Gm                  D#m                   Bb      D#m  Bb   
where do the end of all the sand when we hit the shores 
Gm                       D#m                   Bb   D#m  Bb   
give me your breath and fill up my lungs and even more 

Gm                       D#m                   
Save me again and you're still here now 

I hear you, smell you, see you 

smell you, hear you smell you now  

Ending: Bb D#m Bb - Gm D#m Bb 

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