Terri Clark

Is Ft. Worth Worth It

Terri Clark

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Is Ft. Worth Worth It

	  		Intro:  C, D, Am, D, G 
              G                               C 
You say your bags are packed,  you won't be coming back. 
             D        C    D  D         G        D 
You'll hit I-35 and be in cowtown by tonight. 
           G                             C 
In Austin here with me, ain't where you want to be. 
                Am             G                 C      D 
But some where down the line, will the price be way to high? 

G D C G Is Fort Worth worth it, for what it costs in Austin. C G Am Is the love you think you'll find, worth the love C you're gonna loose. D D G D C G Can that woman West of Dallas, make you forget about us? C D G C D C D Is Fort Worth worth it to you?
Verse#2 She's offered you the moon, but darlin some day soon. The sun is gonna rise, and you'll see things in a different light. The love you're looking for is right inside my door, and if you leave you might ask yourself some lonely night. Repeat Chorus: Tag: G C D G C D Am D G Is Fort Worth really worth it to you?

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