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Born to be Wild Chords


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by europeu

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Born to be Wild

	  E                        D A  
Get your motor runnin'   
E                        D A  
Head out on the highway   
E                        D A  
Lookin' for adventure   
       E                 D A  
In whatever comes our way   
G     A             E  
Yeah, darlin' gonna make it happen   
G        A          E  
Take the world in a love embrace   
G    A          E                G A          E(Em 1st time)  
Fire all of the guns at once and explode into space   

E                            D A  
I like smoke and lightnin'   
E                            D A  
Heavy metal thunder   
E                            D A  
Wrestlin' with the wind   
        E                    D A  
And the feelin' that I'm under   
Chorus - part 1   
Chorus - part 2:   
Like a true nature's child   
We were born, born to be wild   
         A              G             Em  
We could climb so high, I never wanna die   

E          D A D  E D  
Born to be wild,   
E          D A D  E  D              
Born to be wild,                
Solo, organ + guitar (in Em E D A D repeated)   
Repeat first verse   
Chorus - total   
Solo - fade out (in Em)   


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