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Unashamed Chords


Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by riceman81

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	  Verse 1   
  C         D            Em   
I have not much to offer You   
     C        D   Em  
Not near what You deserve   
     C      D     Em   
But still I come because Your cross   
     C        D     g   
Has placed in me my worth   

Verse 2   
Oh Christ my king of sympathy   
Whoís wounds secure at peace   
Your grace extends to call me friend   
Your mercy sets me free   

      C         D   
And I know Iím weak    
I know Iím unworthy    
    C    D        Em   
To call upon Your name   
     C          D   
But because of grace    
Because of Your mercy    
   C          C    G   
I stand here unashamed (second time 2x)   

Verse 3     
I canít explain this kind of love      
Iím humbled and amazed     
That You come down from heavenís heights    
And greet me face to face   
Here I am   
At Your feet   
             G           C   
In my brokenness complete (8x)   


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