Filled With Your Glory


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Filled With Your Glory

Year: 2004 - Album: Starfield

Capo on 4th fret
VERSE 1:  
          E                                                    Bsus                                 A2 
In my heart, in my heart, there's a fire burning a passion deep within my soul.  
                                             F#m7         E                                                           Bsus              
Not slowing down, not growing cold an unquenchable flame that keeps burning brighter.  
                                          A2                                                  F#m7 
A love that's blazing like the sun for who You are and what You've done.  
       A2     E/G#  Bsus   F#m7 
And as the fire is raging on.  
      A2       E/G#                   Bsus F#m7 
So Your praise becomes my song.  

E Bsus The whole earth Is filled with Your glory, Lord. A2 F#m7 Angels and men adore creation longs for what's in store. (Mountains bow and oceans roar) E Bsus A2 May You be Honored and glorified exalted and lifted high. F#m7 Here at Your feet I lay my life.
VERSE 2: E Bsus From the ends of the earth to the heights of Heaven. A2 F#m7 Your glory, Lord, is far and wide through history You reign on high. E Bsus From the depths of the sea to the mountain's summit. A2 F#m7 Your power, Lord, it knows no bounds a higher love cannot be found. PREChorus 2: A2 E/G# Bsus F#m7 So let the universe proclaim. A2 E/G# Bsus F#m7 Your great power, and your great fame.

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