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D A Bm G (x2) 

D                        A 
Defender of this heart 

You loved me 
from the start 
		G      D 
You never change. 

Through the highs and lows 
As seasons come and go 
You never fail 

G              D 
Day after day 
          A               Bm 
Your love will remain 
G                  D 
Faithful and true 
              A ---> 
You are good 

--->          G 
You are God with us 
D              A   
You're victorious 
D              G 
You are strong and 
         D       A 
mighty to save 
                  D                G 
For Your word stands true 
D           A 
There is none like You 
D               G 
And when all else fades 
D          A 
You remain 
D                                 A 
When troubles come my way 
You guide and You sustain 
Lead me, I pray 

D                         A 
Forever You will be 
The great eternal King 
Now and always 

G              D  
Day after day 
          A                 Bm 
Your love will remain 
G                    D 
Faithful and true 
                 A -----------------> 
You are good, you are good 


(Middle Bridge) 
            G     D     A 
You remain 
And when all else fades 
            G     D     A 
You remain 

{Chorus 3x}  

You remain 
Cause' day after day 
You never change 
Day after day 
You are the same 
Day after day 
You remain 

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