Burn For You


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Burn For You

	  		Intro: C Am C Am 

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riff: E|--------5----3----0----3----0-------| B|------------------------------------| G|---5--------------------------------| D|------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------|
C Can my prayers be heard over all the noise? Am Can my life still count, can I have a voice? C Could you use this faith in your master plan, Am use these simple words, use these willing hands? G If you can, then here I am F Am I'll burn, burn like a fire G C I'll burn, with love and desire F Am G I'll burn, I'll burn for you C Am C Am I'll burn for you Can you lead me Lord in the every day? Teach me discipline, teach me to obey Can you show me where I can be Your light as I walk with You, through the trials of life? (Acordes iguais aos do comešo) (F Am G C) (F Am G) C F I wanna feel the fire Am G I wanna feel the flames C F I wanna burn forever Am G I wanna burn for Your name

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