I Will Go


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I Will Go

Capo on 4th fret
	  		Starfield-I Will Go  
Intro: Em C Em D Em C Em D 

Verse 1:  
Em                         C                D  
To the desperate eyes and reaching hands,  
Em                  C          D  
To the suffering and the lame  
Em                  C             D  
To the ones the world has cast aside  
Am7                     G      D  
Where you want me I will be  

C G I will go, I will go, D Em D C I will go, Lord, send me to the world G D To the lost, to the poor and hungry C G Take everything I am D Em I?m clay within your hands Am7 Em D I will go, I will go, send me
Em C Em D Verse 2: Em C D Let me not be blind with privilege, Em C D Give eyes to see the pain Em C D Let the blessing you?ve poured out on me Am7 G D Not be spent on me in vain Am7 G D Let this life be used for change Bridge: C G I want to live for you D Em Go where you need me C G D I want to follow you (3x: 1st low, 2nd and 3rd high) (last 3 chords on 3rd time are Am7, Em, D)

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