Sophie Zelmani

Always You

Sophie Zelmani

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Always You

        C               Am 
If it wasn't the ocean wasn't the breezes 
   F                         G 
wasn't the white sand there might be no need 
If I could sleep through the cold nights  
If I could breathe and hatred 
If I had worked til summer  
Maybe I wouldn't feel so humble 
C Am Oh, you It's always you F G It's always you
C If red roses weren't so lovely Am If wine didn't taste so good F If stars weren't so romantic G Then I could do what I should {Chorus} Repete 2X Am C If you love me, I could command it G F Get your hand to understand it Am C I'd go twice around the world F G Even though I may not find it {Chorus} Repete 2X Solo: e---------------------7--7--------------------- B-7-10-----7--10-7-10--10-7-------------------- G-----7-9-7?9--------------9-7-6--------------- D--------------------------------9-7----------- A------------------------------------10-9-7---- E---------------------------------------------- {Chours 2} (Repete 2 X) D Oh, you (wasn't the ocean) Bm It's always you (wasn't the breezes) G A It's always you (wasn't the white sand, there might be no need) _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Grace Lucca([email protected])

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