Fabio Cadore

Always You

Fabio Cadore

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Always You

(Fabio Cadore)

	  		Intro: A A9 / D7M D6 

A                        A9 
When you're not here 
D7M          D6 
I feel so lost 
A         A9          D7M   D6 
Only tears left around 

A                          A9 
When you with me 
D7M                D6 
Don't need no words 
A         A9          D7M      D6 
Ours hearts will be the sound 

C#m7               D7M 
Even in dreams 
C#m7                                   D7M 
We can hold on an endless embrace 
I still see your face 
F7M   G7M 
            A   A9   D7M   D6 
Always you... 

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