Second Chance


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Second Chance


Cm                       Eb     
my eyes are open wide     
by the way I made it through the day     
Cm                           Eb     
I watch the world outside     
bye the way  I am leaving out today     


Bb                      Cm                     Eb     
I just saw halley's comet she waved said     
Eb                           Eb/D           Bb     
why are you always running in place     
Bb           Cm           Eb                      F     
even the man in the moon disappeared     
somewhere in this stratosphere     

Cm Eb F tell my mother tell my father F Ab I have done the best I can Cm Eb to make them realize F this is my life Ab I hope they understand Cm Eb F I am not angry I am just saying Ab sometimes good bye is a second chance
please don't cry one tear for me I'm not afraid of what I have to say this is my one and only voice so listen close it's only for today I just saw halley's comets she waved said why you always running in place even the man on the moon disappeared somewhere in this stratosphere tell my mother tell my father I have done the best I can to make them realize this is my life I hope they understand I am not angry I am just saying sometimes goodbye is a second chance

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