Shawn Mcdonald

Here I Am

Shawn Mcdonald

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Here I Am

	  		(All chords have high B and E strings open.) 


~= Play for one measure. 
~~= Play for two measures. 

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E5 E5/D# C#5 B5 A5 B5 e|-0~---0~---0~---0~---0~~---0~--- b|-0~---0~---0~---0~---0~~---0~--- g|-9~---9~---6~---4~---2~~---4~--- d|-9~---9~---6~---4~---2~~---4~--- a|-7~---6~---4~---2~---0~~---2~--- e|-x----x----x----x----x-----x----
Verse: E5 E5/D# C#5 I lay myself, at your feet B5 A5 Asking you, "won't you meet, B5 Won't you meet me?" A5 B5 I cannot do it on my own A5 B5 I cannot do it all alone Chorus: E5 E5/D# C#5 Here I am oh tonight B5 A5 With my arms open wide B5 Won't you come inside (Repeat everything, except intro, and do Chorus 2x) Bridge: (Soft) A5 Won't you come inside, God B5 Come and fill this heart of mine, I'm in need of you A5 B5 Of your touch, of your life, of your love A5 I need you B5 I need you Ending Verse: (Much softer) E5 E5/D# C#5 I lay myself, at your feet B5 A5 Asking you, "Won't you meet?" B5 Please come to meet me, God, tonight

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