Kari Jobe

Revelation Song

Kari Jobe

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Revelation Song

Written by Jennie Lee Riddle

	  		Revelation Song     
by Kari Jobe    

D2               Am7                C2		    G    
  Worthy is the  Lamb who was slain  Holy, Holy, is He     
D2                 Am7                  C2                G       
  Sing a new song  to him who sits on  Heaven's mercy seat  {2X}     

D2                  Am7      
  Holy, Holy, Holy  Is the Lord God Almighty     
C2                             G    
  Who was, and is, and is to come      
D2                          Am7                            
  With all creation I sing  Praise to the King of Kings      
C2                       G        
  You are my everything  And I will adore You     

D2                     Am7               C2                           G            
  Clothed in rainbows  of living color  Flashes of lightning, rolls of thunder     
D2                                 Am7                  C2                      G     
  Blessing and honor, strength and  glory and power be  to You the only wise King     

D2                    Am7                C2                       G                               
  Filled with wonder  awestruck wonder  at the mention of your name     
D2                         Am7                         C2                    G             
  Jesus your name is power  breath, and living water  such a marvelous mystery    


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