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Shawn James

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C G e|-------------------------------------1-----1------1-----1------------------------------------------| B|-----1--------1----------------------0-----0------0-----0-----------------1---------1--------------| C|-----0------0----0-------------------0-----0------0-----0-----------------0-------0----0-----------| D|-----2--0h2-----------x4--------------------------------------x2----------2---0h2----------x2------| A|--3--------------------------------------------------------------------3---------------------------| E|---------------------------------3------3------3-----3---------------------------------------------|
Verse C Lately I've been thinking that everyone's insane. C Lost their minds out in the world and now look whose to blame. G C Themselves, but they just can't see that. C So pack your bags and leave the past, let's go for a ride. C The wind and water carry us, they will be our guides. G C Tonight, we'll just sail free.
F C The moon will light our path through these darkened seas, I'm sure. F C G And all the world will stare and wonder where we'll go.
verse 2 C Have you ever though of leaving everything you've ever loved? C Starting over someplace inexplicably unknown, G C Oh, that's what I crave. C It's the thrill that keeps me going and puts the gleam all in my eyes. C I adventure just to conquer a new monstrous enterprise. G C And all the world is my stage.
F C Well maybe someday you'll see how it all makes sense to me. F C G C (Strum) And then you'll jump on board and we can sail the seven seas.

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