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Lie to me Chords

Jonny Lang

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Lie to me

Bbm                                     Eb 
Lie to Me, and tell me everything is alright 
          Bbm                                 Eb 
Lie to Me, and tell me that you'll stay here tonight 
Gb                          Ab 
Tell me that you'll never leave 
Bbm                               Eb 
Oh, and I'll just  try and make believe  
Gb                                               F 
That everything,  everything your tellin' me is true 
C'mon baby won't you just ... 
Bbm Ebm F Lie to Me, Go ahead and Lie to Me, c'mon' baby yeah Bbm Ebm F Lie To Me Go ahead and Lie to Me you know what I'm talkin about
Bbm Eb Lie to Me, and it don't matter anymore Bbm Eb It could never be, the way it was before Gb Ab if I can hold on to you Bbm Eb leave me something I can hold on to Gb F for just a little while longer, want you let me dream. (SOLO over Bbm,Eb,Bbm,Eb,Gb,Ab,Gb,F) Eb Ab Db Gb Anyone can see, that you love him more than me Ebm Ab Bbm F but right now, baby, let me pretend that our love will never end (Chorus) (SOLO out)

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