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Shawn James

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	  		Intro D G7 

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Riff 1 E|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------| D|---------0--------------------0~-| A|-----0h3------------------0h3----| E|--0---------3--3/5--3--0---------| Riff 2 E|------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------| A|-3h5~--3-3h5~--3-5-3-----------3h5~--3-3h5~--3-5-3----------| E|----------------------5-3-2-0----------------------5-3-2-0--| E|--------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------| A|--3h5~--3-3h5~--3-5-3-----------------------------| E|----------------------5-3-2-0--2-3-3/5-3-2--3-0~--| Riff 3 E|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| G|--------------------------------| D|--------------------------------| A|--3h5~--3-3h5~--3-5-3-----------| E|-----------------------5-3-2-0--|
(D G7) Riff 1 A thousand men couldn't defeat me though they tried One by one I led them to the other side Up ahead I heard a lion's roar and there stood a beast The bees made honey in the lion's skull and I did feast (D G7) Riff 1 I should've known that you would turn away and leave me in the dirt The first few times I had been betrayed I should've known your worth You hit me like a thunderstorm and shook my world around When I awoke my enemies swarmed my body bound Riff 2 (D G7) Riff 3 Delilah, who's to blame? Delilah, such a shame Delilah, I should've known Delilah, your love became my gravestone (D G7) Riff 1 Beware You better beware Beware You better beware (D G7) Riff 3 Delilah, who's to blame? Delilah, such a shame Delilah, I should've known

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