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Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by Evans+Hossel

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  		E5  D5  B5  C5 
             Em           D 
 Hear my call, here and everywhere  
              Bm                         C 
 I've been walking the streets in despair. 
              Em            D  
 One more fire turns a shade of grey, 
              Bm                  C  
 one more tear is lost in the rain. 
 And I say that I love  you. I say that I need you.  
 Baby I leave you a sign of desire.  
 No shadow will haunt you, no heart will desert you,  
 no one will hurt you, no space or no time. 
                                          Em          C 
 Got to got you got to got to take your chances on me,  
            G                  D               Em 
 like the river will lead the water to the sea,  
           C              G 
 take on me, take your chances on me. 
       D             Am      Bm            Em  C  G  D   
 Don't ever let it be. Don't ever let it be. 
 There's a night when you close your eyes  
 around a dream that shines like the sun.  
 Everyone knows it's beautiful,  
 tell me why you want to dream it alone.  
 And I say that I love you, I say that I need you,  
 baby I leave you the lines in my palm.  
 No darkness will get you, no heart will desert you,  
 nothing can hurt you or do you any harm.  
 Got to...  

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