Five For Fighting


Five For Fighting

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Chances are when said and done 
Who'll be the lucky ones 
Who make it all the way? 
Though you say I could be your answer 
Nothing lasts forever 
No matter how it feels today 

Bm         G 
Chances are weŽll find a new equation 
Bm            G 
Chances roll away from me 
D                           A 
Chances are all they hope to be 

Don't get me wrong I'd never say never 
Cause though love can change the weather 
D                              A 
No act of God can pull me away from you 

IŽm just a realistic man 
A bottle filled with shells and sand 
Afraid to love beyond what I can lose when it comes to you 
And though I see us through yeah 

Bm       G 
Chances are weŽll find two destinations 
Bm            G 
Chances roll away from me 
Bm          G                    D 
Still chances are more than expectations 
The possibilities 

Bm G D A 
Over me 
ItŽs about the two to one 
Lay your money on the sun 
until you crash what have you done? 
Is there a better bet than love? 
What you are is what you breathe 
You gotta cry before you sing 

Chances chances 

Chances lost are hopes torn up pages 
Maybe this time 
Chances are weŽll be the combination 
Chances come and carry me 
Chances are waiting to be taken 
And I can see 
Chances are the fascination 
Chances won't escape from me 
Chances are only what we make them 
And all I need 

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