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Year: 2002 - Album: The Ballad Hits [Bonus Disc]

Key:  A More
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Intro: A F#m C#m D E (2x) 
A                               F#m 
Anyone who have a love close to this 
               C#m    D E 
Knows what I'm saying 
A                               F#m 
Anyone who wants a dream to come true 
               C#m    D E 
Knows how I'm feeling 
Bm               A 
All I can think of is you and me 
          F#m            E 
Doing the things I wanna do  
Bm              A 
All I imagine is heaven or earth 
F#m              E 
I know it's you 
A                             F#m 
Anyone who ever kissed in the rain 
                C#m     D E 
Knows the whole meaning  
A                            F#m 
Anyone who ever stood in the ligth 
           C#m      D E 
Needs no explaining 
Bm                          A 
But everything more or less apears so meaningless 
F#m      E 
Blue and cold 
Bm                     A 
Walking alone through afternoon traffic 
I miss you so 
{Anyone who ever felt like I do 
F#m                             E 
Anyone who wasn't ready to fall 
Anyone who ever loved like I do 
Knows it never really happens at all 
     E              A 
It's over when it's over 
Bm           A 
What can I do about it 
F#m           D 
Now that it's over} Refrão 
Solo= B G#m D#m E F#m (2x) 
Bm                         A 
Everything more or less is looking so meaningless 
    F#m      E 
And fades to gray 
Bm                 A 
Lying awake in an ocean of teardrops 
F#m          E 
I float away 
Repete Refrão 
Contribuição: Bruno Rodrigues Nogueira([email protected]) 


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