Morten Harket


Morten Harket

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(Morten Harket)

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( Am  C  G  Dm ) 
Go tell my girl I've seen the tables turn before 
Now there will be no one at the door 
Go tell her not to keep the lights on 

( Am  C  G  Dm ) 

To belong 
The weaves of trust can make a man so strong 
But, than you know, when a thread is gone 
Go tell her not to keep the light on 

           Dm   G 
It was for real 
           Dm   G 
It was for real 

( Am  C  G  Dm ) 

Gone, gone 
The wounds of life that used to be so strong 
Now a track is deep where we went wrong 
Go tell her now I'll keep the light on 
For anyone 

          Dm   G 
It was for real 
          Dm   G 
It was for real 

                Dm     G 
Babe it was for real 
          Dm     G 
It wasn't real 
          Dm     G 
It wasn't real. 

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