Randy Crawford


Randy Crawford

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(Matthew Bellamy)

Intro F Bb F C F  

C               Bb      F  
Hig her than the highest mountain and deeper 
Bb      F  
Thant he deepest se  
Bb     Bbm   Fm   F       Dm  Bbm   F  
That's how I   will love you    oh, darling 
Gm     F  
F               Bb     F  
Softer thant he gentle breeze sand stronger than 
Bb       F  
The wild Oak tree  
Bb  Gm  Db   F   Dm Bbm    F  
That'show I will hold you    oh, darling   
Gm     F  

Bb                      F       C          Bb 
Oh, my love, you are my heaven  you are my kingdom   
C          F  
You are my crown  
Bb           Dm                Dm7  
Oh, my love, you're all that I prayed for you were 
Bb             G          C  
Made for the se arms to surround  
F             Bb      F                  Bb            F  
Faithful as a morning sunrise and sacred as a love canbe  
Bb  Db     F    Dm       Bb  Gm  Bb  F 
That's how I will love you  oh, darling, endlessly 
Bb              F   Bb              F  
Darling, endlessly..darling, endlessly (Fade) 

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