We are the champions


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We are the champions

Year: 1977 - Album: Greatest Hits

(Freddie Mercury)

	  		             Cm  Gm   
I've paid my dues    
                Cm  Gm7/C    
And time after time    
              Cm     Gm7/C    
I've done my sentence    
                  Cm  Gm7/C    
But commited no crime    
            Eb  Ab    
And bad mistakes    
             Eb  Ab    
I've made a few    
             Eb            Bb/D        Cm    
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face    
    F7          Bb   C    
But I've come through    
|  F           Am            Dm  Bb C    
| We are the champions, my friend    
|      F           Am                 Bb  D/F#  
| And we'll keep on fighting till the end    
| Gm7         C7/G        Bbm        C/E   Ebdim/G      
| We are the champions, we are the cham pions    
|  F           Eb/G          Ab6         Bb7     Cm7    
| No time for loosers 'cause we are the champions    
|         (Fm7  Gm7/C 2x   
| Of the world    
               Cm  Gm7/C    
I've taken my bows    
                Cm  Gm7/C    
And my curtain calls    
                Cm                                  Gm7/C    
You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with    
            Cm  Gm7/C    
I thank you all    
                         Eb  Ab    
But it's been no bed of roses    
              Eb  Ab    
No pleasure cruise    
                  Eb                 Bb/D         Cm    
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race    
    F7             Bb   C    
And I ain't gonna lose    


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