Porcupine Tree

My Ashes

Porcupine Tree

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My Ashes

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e ----------------------------0-----------------| b----------3-----1------------3-------0---------| g------2---2-------0-------3--3----------0------| d---0------0-------------0----------------------| a-----------------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------------| Chords used: Dsus2 : xx0230 C/D: xx0010 A: x02220 Dsus4/5+: xx0330 Gm6 A# G: x12330 F: 133211 G: 320033
Dsus2 C/D Dsus4/5+ All the things that I needed G Dsus2 Wasted my chances C/D Dsus4/5+ I have found myself wanting Dsus2 C/D Dsus4/5+ When a mother and father G Dsus2 gave me their problems C/D Dsus4/5+ I accepted them all Dsus2 C/D Dsus4/5+ Nothing ever expected G Dsus2 I was rejected C/D Dsus4/5+ But I came back for more
Gm6 A# G A And my ashes drift beneath the silver sky G Where a boy rides on a bike A And never smiles Gm6 A# G A And my ashes fall on all the things we said G On a box of photographs F D A F D A Under the bed, the bed
Dsus2 C/D Dsus4/5+ I will stay in my own world G Dsus2 Under the covers C/D Dsus4/5+ I will feel safe inside Dsus2 C/D Dsus4/5+ Kiss that will burn me G Dsus2 Cure me of dreaming C/D Dsus4/5+ I was always returning Gm6 A# + G A And my ashes find a way beyond the fog G And return to save the child A That I forgot Gm6 A# + G A And my ashes fade among the things unseen G And a dream plays in reverse A On piano keys Gm6 A# + G A And my ashes drop upon a park in Wales G Never ending clouds of rain F D A F D A And distant sails, distant sails Gm6 A# + G is my best discription of this chord - probably there must be something, which fits better!

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