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Is It OK If I Call You Mine? Chords

Paul McCrane

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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Is It OK If I Call You Mine?

Intro: C 2x (see note below)    
C         G/B             Bb                      
 Is it okay if I call you mine   
A           Dm  Dm7M Dm7 G7  
 Just for a time   
     F       G       Am   
 And I will be just fine   
      F             Dm 		   
 If I know that you know   
        G                         C G/B Bb      
 That I'm wanting, needing you love   
        A   Dm  Dm7M Dm7 G7  
 Oh woh woh woh   
C              G/B             Bb                      
 If I ask of you is it all right   
                 A       Dm   
 If I ask you to hold me tight   
           Dm7M               Dm7    G7  
 Through a cold and dark night   
              F          G             Am   
 'Cause there may be a cloudy day in sight   
       F               Dm    
 And I need to let you know    
            G                   C G/B Bb   
 That I might be needing you love   
        A   Dm  Dm7M Dm7 G7  
 Oh woh woh woh   

F G Am And what I'm trying to say isn't really new F Dm It's just the things that happen to me G When I'm reminded of you
C Like when I hear your name G/B Bb Or see a place that you've been A Dm Or see a picture of your grin Dm7M Dm7 Or pass a house that you've been in G7 One time or another F G Am It sets off something in me I can't explain F Dm G And I can't wait to see you again C G/B Bb Oh babe, I love your love A Dm Dm7M Dm7 G7 Oh woh woh woh (Repete refrão) Note:
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Intro E||----8-----8------8------------8--------| B||----8-----8------8--------8------------| G||----9-----9------9h10---(10)-----10----| D||---10----10----------------------------| A||---10----10----(10)--------------------| E||----8----(8)---------------------------| E||----8-----8-----(8)-----------8--------| B||----8-----8-----(8)-------8------------| G||----9-----9-----(9)--------------10----| D||---10----10----(10)--------------------| A||---10----10----(10)--------------------| E||----8----(8)---------------------------|
(8) the note is still ringing from a previous hit 9h10 pick fret nine then hammer on fret ten

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