Paul Kelly

Little Aches And Pains Chords

Paul Kelly

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by aleffederico

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Little Aches And Pains


Intro:Play 2x : C#sus, E, C#sus, E 

C#sus,          E,      C#sus,          E 
Thanks for your letter your kind words of comfort 
C#sus,     E,           Esus 
It's good to hear from you again 
C#sus,     E,  C#sus,   E 
I'm going ok, taking it day by day 
C#sus,            E,         Esus 
You know what they say can't complain 
C#sus,                     E 
It's just these little aches and pains 
Esus,  Ebsus,   C#sus,   
I got 'em always now 
Sunshine or rain. 

C#sus,            E,  C#sus,    E 
Must be nice out there on the river 
C#sus,        E,                        Esus 
Maybe I can visit, haven't had a trip in a while 
C#sus,                          E,   
There's nothing much keeping me here 
C#sus,                    E 
I see the gang maybe once or twice a year 
C#sus,               E,                     Esus 
You and me can walk a rambling country mile 
C#sus,                  E 
Test out these little aches and pains 
Esus,  Ebsus,   C#sus, 
When all else goes 
They remain. 

Bridge: C#sus, (slide to) Ebsus, (slide to) Esus, G#sus,B,A, G#sus,B,A, Esus  
(quick slide up and back one fret with Esus shape, done twice)  


C#sus,      E,     C#sus,      E 
Disable we're born, disable we die 
C#sus,       E,   
Is that a cliché, I'll make it one 
Hope it doesn't get too creaky 
C#sus,    E,                    C#sus,           E 
I have found that what you don't know will hurt you 
C#sus,                 E,       Esus 
What doesn't kill you makes you weaker 
C#sus,                      E, 
Leaves you little aches and pains 
Esus,  Ebsus,   C#sus, 
I got em always now 
Sunshine or rain 
C#sus,                        E, 
Oooh these little aches and pains 
Esus,  Ebsus,   C#sus, 
I don't count my losses now, 
           E (end with slow rake strum) 
Just my gains. 

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