O Bardo e o Banjo

You Need Some Hope

O Bardo e o Banjo

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You Need Some Hope

D D  G D  4x 
G Em G Em 4x 

D                              Bm 
Some nightmares can go through 
D               G 
A few long nights 
G                     A 
Some people say it's just dark memories 
       G                         D 
That persist to come in your mind 

The waiting for tomorrow 
     Bm           D             G 
Can take a long, long looong time 
G                   A 
You don't have all this patience my friend 
G                                 D 
So just do what you think is right 

D                 Bm 
But, what's right? 
            D                     G 
To be in peace or disturb my mind? 
G                     A 
Maybe create the peace 
           G                D 
With the chaos in your heart 

D                     Bm 
Yes! The chaos and the peace 
D                G 
They can co-exist 
G                             A 
So free your fears and have trust 
                  G                  D 
Something that's more, than you think 

D           D/E            E/F# 
Sit down and watch the trees 
          D              D/E         E/F# 
Standing alone with the falling leaves 
Em                             G 
Waiting for spring and melodies 
That never come 

D            D/E            E/F# 
It's time to change the road 
          D           D/E       E/F# 
Keep your way on this water flow 
Em                               G 
You can't live for dark memories 
You need some hope 

Bridge: G Em G Em 4x 

D                  Bm 
Can you see that little bird  
D             G 
Flying so high? 
G                     A                       G 
Spreading wings and dancing between the clouds,  
Gliding through the sky 

D                              Bm 
So why do you harden your feet 
D                               G 
And don't move to the next step? 
G                  A                                G 
Is it so hard to reveal your faults and your losses? 
Just sing them to the world. 

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