Neil Young


Neil Young

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F   G   Em7                                           
F   G   F   C                                         
F   G   Em7                                           
F  G     Em7                                          
Oh oh Alabama,                                        
F         G              F         C                  
The devil fools with the best laid plans              
F     G      Em7                                      
Swing low Alabama.                                    
F                          D                          
You got the spare change - you got to feel strange    
E                  F           G                      
And now the moment is all that it meant.              
1: Am Alabama - you got the weight on your shoulders C D That's breaking your back. Am Your cadillac has got a wheel in the ditch C D And a wheel on the track.
VERSE: F G Em7 Oh oh Alabama, F G F C Banjos playing through the broken glass F G Em7 Windows down in Alabama F D See the old folks tied in white ropes E F G Hear the banjos, don't it take you down home G Am Am Bridge F G Em7 F G F C F G Em7 F D E F G REPEAT Chorus 1 VERSE: F G Em7 Oh oh Alabama, F G F C Can I see you and shake your hand F G Em7 Make friends down in Alabama. F D I'm from a new land, I come to you and E F G See all this ruin, What are you doing?
2: Am Alabama - you've got the rest of the Union D To help you along Am What's going wrong?
F G Em7

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