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Alabama Clay Chords

Garth Brooks

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Alabama Clay

		Capo 2 fret 
D             A                              Bm                 G                   D                  A Asus  
First time he saw the ground get busted he was ten and it was nineteen  fifty two 
    D                                   A            Bm 
His daddy worked hard from sun up to sun down  
           G                  D                         A   Asus    
and the going got tuff hind them old grey mules. 
      D                 A                Bm 
The farm grew to be a money maker 
           G                       D                      A    Asus    
and the house he lived in grew up room by room 
      D                            A                      Bm   
The boy worked hard but soon got tired of farming 
         G                        A                                   D           
So he slipped away one night beneath the harvest moon. 
                               G                      D   
		his neck was red as Alabama clay 
		                    Bm                  A 
		but the cities call pulled him away 
                                     G                             D  
		he's hot a factory job and runs a big machine 
                                     A                           D 
		he don't miss the farm or the fields of green. 
             D               A                   Bm 
Now the cities just a prison without fences. 
     G                D                     A     
His job is just a routine he can't stand 
          D                         A              Bm 
and at night he dreams of wide open spaces  
        G                    D                     A      
fresh dirt beneath his toes and on his hands. 
              D                 A                   Bm     
Then one day a picture came inside a letter 
      G                     D                A 
of a young girl with a baby in her arms. 
            D                                A                   Bm  
And the words she wrote would change his life forever. 
         G                      A                  D    
So he went to raise his family on the farm. 
                            G                     D 
		his neck is red as Alabama Clay 
                                  Bm                     A    
X2		now he's going home this time to stay 
                                        G                         D     
		where the roots run deep on the family tree 
                                 A                                   D 
		and the tractor rolls through the fields of green. 
                 G                          D 
His neck is Alabama clay. 
Well this is my version, I hope it works for you!  Feel free to respond with sugestions.  Sorry for any unseen mistakes.   Later 


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