Gravel Interlude


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Gravel Interlude

Intro: G/B C Am G (x2) 

verse 1: 
We used to   ride our 
C                 Am 
bikes through the old 
subdivision When it 
G/B        C 
wasn't yet built 
we would waste our 
G                 G/B 
days And now it's all 
built up and all the 
Am     G        G/B 
houses look the same 
But honestly I 
      Am      G 
think that's okay 

verse 2: 
And if the rain comes 
C      Am       G 
down I won't be whining 
     G/B       C 
I can   stay inside with 
    Am      G 
the windows open We can 
G/B      C             Am 
   go outside and look up 
        G      G/B 
to the sky Sometimes 
         C          Am 
I'm just happy that I'm 
 G        G/B 
alive Sometimes I'm just 
C          Am   G   G(hold) 
happy that I'm alive 

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