Whits End


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Whits End

Intro: G C D C (x2) 

verse 1: 
  One flight back 
down the stairs 
  I feel sick but 
I don't care If 
G             C 
I don't fall apart 
           D       C 
today is a good day 
  Remember when we 
made that drive 
  Rest stop on 
C       G 
75 That girl 
recognized me it 
             D    C 
made me feel weird 

G D In Tennessee I felt C good effortlessly G So maybe it's a good D time to write this C down I'm talking G D all the way about C these plans I made These changing G D leaves and times C and time zones Woah oh oh oh oh oh
verse 2: G Remember when we C D never cared Drove C along and laughed G and stared I don't C miss those days D C just the times G Cause that grass C was never green D And i don't need C to cause a scene G I'm just as happy C now as I was D C then I think
I think the G D irony it was C never lost on me It's just G the way that we D relate it'll never C change And that's G D okay with me it's C not supposed to be so easy G D That's why I try C to write it down That's why I try G to write it down

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