I'm Like


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I'm Like

Intro: A D E D 

verse 1: 
So I wake up with 
a scratchy voice 
I was up all night 

I couldn't stop the 
noise And the song 
inside my head is 
been driving me crazy 
And the worst days 
they aren't finished 
yet But it's okay 
cause even I forget 
We're all just hanging 
out Listening to records 
and I hate downtown 

E But the shows D that we played were A always so fun And E D the stories we told A were always so dumb E And I realize all I D A ever wanted Was a E guitar to play and D A a melody to sing
verse 2: A Turn around don't talk about the past D Look ahead don't doubt yourself kid E It's not worth it D cause even the greatest lose inspiration When A they told me that I'd never change D I knew it was time to turn the page And E everyone I know has D been mad at me lately (and it's driving me crazy)
E But the songs I D wrote they got me A through hell And E D maybe I have changed A but it's hard to tell E So maybe next year D these things will A change or stay the E same I don't know D I don't care I A just don't know and I care

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