Mt Hope


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Mt Hope

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INTRO G e|--------------------------| B|----12---10----13----12---| G|-12----12---12----12------| D|--------------------------| A|--------------------------| E|--------------------------|
G Em C G C I packed my car and headed west Em D G C Em D With my guitar and some things to get off of my chest G C Em D And lately the weather can't get me down anymore G C Em D I just close the door and pretend I'm not a mess G C Em D And me and Matt, we just talked in the driveway G C Em D About how everyone just likes to stay inside G C Em D And listen to songs that make them feel nostalgic C D But I won't let those dumb songs ruin my night G C Em D And Duncan broke down as it was getting late G C Em D And the night was great, but it can always be better G C Em D We won eight hundred bucks playing dice that day G C Em D And we picked him up down by one-twenty-eight G C Em D And it felt like we talked all night G C Em D And we watched bad movies, but some were alright G C Em D And I felt more at peace than I have in a while G D Em C G D Sometimes I think the best nights are only spent with best friends Em C Sometimes I'd like to be alone. I guess it gets depressing G D As these days stack up, as these nights fly by, Em C it's good enough. It's good enough G C Em D We're all passing out for about an hour G C Em D To give the world a chance to get its shit together G C Em D Hiding out here in the shower G C Em D Cause it's safe and secure and I can't get hurt no more G D C And in light of all these dark, dark days G D C Sometimes I come down here to give me space G D C And when we're together, I feel stronger G D C That's why memories can't go away G D C And we sat down under that playground G D C under the bridge and as I looked up, G D C these words, they came together finally G D C And I saw the sign that takes me home G D C And that parking lot still stands and we laugh G D C I can't remember all the crazy nights G D C We all the missed the times that made us get here G D C It's funny cause I'm not sure we arrived G D C And when we fall down, we get back up G D C It's what I've learned when I feel alone G D C And the songs that made us lose our voices G D C Those songs can take us home G C Em D G C Em D There's a piece of you in every song I sing G C Em D Not to mention my intentions when they get the best of me G C Em D There's a place I go when I can't find the strength break G C Em D myself away, but I'm getting better every G C Em G day, and if I survived, then you can too

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