Michael Bublé

Holly Jolly Christmas Chords

Michael Bublé

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Holly Jolly Christmas

(Johnny Marks)

 G      C      G7    C 
Have a holly, jolly Christmas 
         C        Edim     G 
It's the best time of the year 
G7      Cdim     G7         Edim 
I don't know if there'll be snow 
     G7   Fdim     C     G9 
But have a cup of cheer 
        C      G7    C 
Have a holly, jolly Christmas 
         C        Edim       G 
And when you walk down the street 
G7    Cdim     G7       Edim  
Say hello to friends you know 
    G7     Fdim       C      
And ev'ryone you meet 

F           Em 
Oh, ho, the mistletoe  
Dm7        G7      C 
Hung where you can see 
Fdim   G7    Am        Am7 
Somebody waits for you; 
 D9  Am7  D7  D9  G G7 
Kiss her once for me 
        C     G7    C 
Have a holly jolly Christmas 
        C       Edim    G 
And in case you didn't hear 
G7    Cdim    G7     C C/B Am7 Am7/G 
Oh by golly, have a holly,  jolly 
D7    Dm7 G7    C 
Christmas this year 

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