Joni Mitchell


Joni Mitchell

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	  		Bm             A 
Songs are like tatoos 
            Em                 A 
You know iv been to sea before 
crown and anchor me, or let me 
G  Bm  A 
sail away 
Hey blue 
Bm                 A 
Here is a song for us 
Ink on a pin 
A              Em 
Underneath the skin 
         G        Bm      A 
An empty space to fill in 
             G       Bm 
Well therere so many sinking now 
G                 Bm 
Youve got to keep thinking 
                A          Em    A   Em 
You can make it thru these waves 
G     Bm         A 
Acid, booze, and ass 
G        Bm        A 
Needles, guns, and grass 
Em             A 
Lots of laughs, lots of laughs 

(Bm   A   Em   G    Bm  A) 

G          Bm          G         Bm 
Everybodys saying that hells the hippest way to go 
G           Bm 
Well I dont think so 
G                   Bm 
But Im gonna take a look around it though 
A            Bm   G 
Blue, I love you 

(G  Bm Em) 

Bm              A 
Blue, here is a shell for you 
Inside youll hear a sigh 
        A  Em 
A foggy lullaby 
              Bm            Em   A 
There is your song from me 

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