Maureen McGovern

My Romance

Maureen McGovern

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My Romance

( Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart)

Intro: G E7 A Gdim D B7 E7 Edim  D6 D7M 

D9 A7  D  D7M 
My romance      
        D6      Bm7     G   Em7 A7      D   A7 
Doesn't have to have a moon     in the sky 
G  G9 D   D7M           
My romance      
        D6     Bm7     G   Em7 A7      Bm   Bm/E 
Doesn't need a blue lagoon    standing by 
A7   D   G  A7  Edim     D       G  A7    
No month of may,     no twinkling stars 
Edim  Bm   Bm7      G       A7 
No   hide away, no soft guitars 
D9 A7  D   D7M 
My romance 
        D6      Bm7   G    Em7  A7   D   A7 
Doesn't need a castle rising in Spain 
G   G9  D  D7M 
Nor a dance  
      D6    Bm7  G Em7     A7   D 
To a constantly surprising refrain 
A7     D   DM7       D6      D9 
Wide awake,   I can make my most  
   F#       F#7          Bm   G 
Fantastic dreams come true 
Em7 Edim D   B7           
My   romance     
        G    E7  A   Gdim   D   B7 E7 Edim D6 D7M 
Doesn't need a thing  but  you 

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