James Taylor

My Romance Chords

James Taylor

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My Romance

Year: ? - Album: The Collection

(Jerome Kern)

  		A    Bm7/E           A  Bm7  C#m7  C9  Bm7    E7sus4   Amaj7 
My romance doesn't need to   have  a   moon    in  the sky 

      F#m C#7         F#m  Bm7   C#m7 C9   Bm7  E7sus4   Amaj7  Em7  A7 
My ro-mance   doesn't need  a    blue    lagoon standing by 

    Dmaj7 G9    Amaj7    Dmaj7 G9  Amaj7 
No month     of May,  no shin- ing star 

   G#7sus4 G#7 C#m7 C9   F#m7 B9     Bm7/E 
No hide      a-way,   no so-  ft gui-tar 

    A Bm7/E         A   Bm7 C#m7 C9  Bm7  E7sus4 A  
My romance doesn't need  a   cas-tle rising  in  Spain 

      F#m   C#7  F#m7 Bm7  C#m7  C9  Bm7 E7sus4 A         Em7 A 
Nor a dance to a con-stant-ly    sur-pri-sing   refrain 

      D   F#7        Bm7 C#m7  D        C#7sus4 C#7         F#m7 G9 
Wide awake     I can make my   most fan-tastic  dreams come true 

            A F#m7             Bm7    E7sus4    A 
'Cause my romance,  it doesn't need a thing but you 
                2nd time: F   A 


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