Matt Monro

Over The Rainbow

Matt Monro

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Over The Rainbow

(E.Y Harburg and Harold Harlen)

Intro: C Em C7 F7 Fm7 G7 

          C        Em        C7  
Somewhere over the rainbow 
F   Fm7  F7    Em7 C Em7 Gdim  
Way up        high 
  F     Fm   C           A7/9-  
There's a   land that I heard of  
 D7       Dm G7 C C#m7 G/9-  
Once in a lullaby 
C   Em   C7  
Somewhere over the rainbow  
F     Fm7  F7  Em7 C Em7 Gdim   
Skies are      blue 
  F  Fm   C              A7/9-    D7  
And the dreams that you dare to dream  
       Dm  G7    C  
Really do come true 

 G   C        Am   C      Am  
Someday I'll wish upon a star  
    F        Dm7        F         Dm7    C6     G  F  C  
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me  
  G7  C        Am         C     Am  
Where troubles melt like lemon drops  
Away above the chimney tops 
  Dm6   Cm    Cdim    Dm7   G5+  
That's where  you'll find   me 
C   Em   C7  
Somewhere over the rainbow 
F   Fm7  F7  Em7 C Em7 Gdim   
Bluebirds    fly 
 F    Fm   C        A/9-  
Birds fly over the rainbow  
 D7           Dm  G7    C  
Why, then, oh why can't I 
Interlude: G C Am C Am F Dm7 F Dm7 C6 G F C  
G7   C     C/B     Am7      Am7/G  
If   happy little bluebirds fly  
  Dm7              F       Fm  Fdim  C    F    Fm C  
Beyond the rainbow why, oh why can't I 

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