Marshall Tucker Band

Can't You See

Marshall Tucker Band

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Can't You See

	  		 Verse 1:    
D                                          C  
Gonna catch a freight train,right down at the station Lord    

I don't care which way it goes    

D                                      D7                      D7sus4   
Gonna climb a mountain,the highest mountain   

G                                          C 
If I jump off nobody gonna know    

                 D               C   
Can't you see,oh can't you see    

What that woman's been doing to me    

Dsus4       D                  Dsus2 C Dsus4 C   
Can't you see,whoah can't you see    

Dsus2 Dsus4 G                                D Dsus4 D   
What that woman she been doing to me   

Verse 2:   
                             D7                    D7sus4 D7   
I'm gonna fined a hole in the wall   

G                         D                   Dsus4 D Dsus2   
I'm gonna crawl inside and die   

D                           D7   
Come later now A mean old woman Lord   

G                                     D     
Never told me goodbye   

Verse 3:   
D                              D7                    D7sus4 D7   
Gonna buy a ticket,now as far as I can    

G                                           D   
I ain't a-never coming back    

                                     D7       D7sus4        D7    
Grab me a southbound,all the way to Georgia now    

G                                      D  Dsus4 D   
Til' the train runs out of track   

D  Dsus4 D           Dsus2 C    Dsus4 C   
Whoah she's such a crazy lady    

G                                 D                     Dsus4   
Oh that woman she's been doin' to me   

D                                   Dsus2 C   
Lord I can't stand it no more   

G                 D                 Dsus4 D   
What she been doin' to me   

G             Dsus2                 Dsus4 D   
Whoah she been doing to me  

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