Matt Maher

Flesh And Bone

Matt Maher

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Flesh And Bone

Verse 1:
    Am      C             G 
I met a man who walked on water 
    Am            C             G 
And wore His crown like a blue collar 
   Am      C              G 
I met a man who welcomed children 
   Am            C              G 
Like they were ambassadors to a kingdom 

C D If I saw the world in Your eyes G D/F# Em Would it help me understand C D How You see through all our lies G D/F# Em Still You hold us in Your hand C D G D/F# Em I'm dying to believe, I'm trying just to show C D G That we're less than perfect, More than flesh and bone
Verse 2: Am C G People climbing trees to catch sight of You Am C G Broken and blind searching for the truth Am C G We're crippled by our fears and torments Am C G Oh, Son of man, have pity on Your servants Bridge: Em Am I wander and I want, Squander the riches C G D/F# Em of Your love. It's never enough for me Em Am C Oh, take this poverty And nail it to the tree Am C G And all that's captive shall go free. I'm Free.

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