lutan fyah & Josie Mel

Rasta Still Deh Bout

lutan fyah & Josie Mel

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Rasta Still Deh Bout

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My interpretation of Lutan Fyah & Josie Mel - 
Rasta still deh About.Any difficulties arising in 
Playing listen to song for timing & strumming. 
Comments & stuffs to 
[email protected] or [email protected] 
chords used : ( C,  Am, G, F A ) 
Chords progression runs through entire song 
C /  /  Am /  G /  /   C /   |   C  /  /  F /   G /  /  /  A /    

INTRO Chords    C /  F /   C /  /  /  G / 

 VERSE & Chorus CHORDS PROGRESSION                  
C /  /  Am /  G /  /   C /   |   C  /  /  F /   G /  /  /  A /    

C /  F /   C /  /  /  G / PLAYED 2X 
most love RASTAFAR I lutan fyah long-side josie mel 
babylon dis judgment gonna serve dem well 
C /  /  Am /  G /  /   C /   |   C  /  /  F /   G /  /  /  A /    
josie mel Chorus: 
whole heap a dem cyaah believe 
man a seh RASTAFAR I now 
dem sight i and get weak in their knees 
whole heap a dem cyaah believe 
mi locks a grow now i can see it on their face 
whole heap a dem nuh please 
lutan fyah Chorus: 
aw right i tell yuh seh 
a nuh vex dem vex a just surprise dem surprise 
when dem realize 
seh RASTA still deh bout 
look safety yes dem a run but dem cyaah hide 
now dem realize 
RASTA still deh bout 
i man hail king SELASSIE I and trample di beast 
the heathen will never live in peace 
babylon bet buss now righteousness i man a preach 
i nuh care a safety i man seek 
den coo-yah now 
yuh si di natty wit his yo-yo 
pon mi one wheel bicycle try nuh rise up mi tempo 
den coo-deh babylon come fi put us pon go-slow 
mi si seh dem nuh real from di get go 
rpt Choruses 
who have sight to see let dem see manifestation of the almighty 
well some people lack of knowledge some confuse yeah 
so they will always disagree 
coo-yah now 
hey ghetto yutes nuh bow to di works weh dem performing 
they will use and abuse. yuh use love covah bawling 
lef yuh stone cold to stretch yuh neck like gawling 
hypocrite dem neva tek di wawning 
rpt Choruses: 
so it is today like in the days when CHRIST trodding in flesh yes they crucified him 
RASTA naah lie 
well it's the same man today reveal himself in EMPEROR SELASSIE I 
go tell dem seh RASTAMAN been yadding it across tha ruins of creation 
nuh got nuh time,nuh date a got nuh destination 
seh king SELASSIE I need no duplication 
suh welcome to RASTA coronation 
crown king of kings lord of lords 
conquering lion of the tribe of JUDAH 
so don't yuh quiva 
ISRAEL king is ISRAEL god 
don't you turn and ask if i'm mad 
rpt l.f Chorus: 
rpt j.m Chorus: 
all right den 
ghetto yutes come hail king EMMANUEL a street side selling 
hail RASTAFAR I den RASTAMAN come hail him 
black MARCUS wid di vision mighty ship sail him 
hey AFRICA wi claiming 
j.m.: Chorus 

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