Luke Hemmings

A Beautiful Dream

Luke Hemmings

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A Beautiful Dream

D Dmaj7 Bm 
D Dmaj7 Bm 


Verse 1:

D I see it all here in colour Dmaj7 It's such a beautiful dream Bm You know that I'm just like a mother Accept for you who I should be D If it could go on forever Dmaj7 I guess we'll leave it be Bm Rushing to some kind of father Accept for you who I should be
D And nothing's gonna go right Dmaj7 Ah-ah, ooh, ooh, woah Bm Can't you just stay for a while? G Bm Can't you just stay, stay, stay, stay? G Could you just stay, stay, stay?
Outro D A Bm A D A Bm A D Dmaj7 Bm D Dmaj7 Bm D Dmaj7 Bm

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