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(Alex Harvey & Eddie Reeves)

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	  		Intro: (C F G) 
 C                         F              G              C    F G 
Ring ring telephone rings, somebody says: baby what you doing 
I've been wondering where you've been 
 F          G                C         F   G 
Now and then  I think about you and me 
 Am                                      F           G 
There's no use fighting about things we can't recall 
 Am                            F 
Cause it don't matter girl at all 
 G            C 
Just come on home and baby we'll laugh and sing 
F                  G                        C   F  G  
And we'll make love  and let the telephone ring 
C                              F              
Ring ring door bell ring baby come on in  
            G                      C    F G 
I got the Allman Brothers on the stereo 
     C                               F 
I'm glad you came around I've been feeling down 
G                      C  F G 
Talking to Tony and Mario 
Am                             F     G 
You know they make good conversation 
Am                           F      G 
But girl that ain't no consolation 
Cause I got love and baby I'll give you some 
        F            G                          C   F G  C F G        
And if somebody comes  we'll let the door bell ring 
      C                      F              G                   C    F G 
I say ring ring golden ring around the sun around your pretty finger 
C                              F           G               C    F G 
Ring ring voices ring with a happy tune anybody can be a singer 
Am                            F  G 
The sun comes up across the city 
Am                           F         G 
I swear you never looked so dog gone pretty 
Hand in hand we'll stand upon the sand 
With the preacher man 
G                         C    F G   (C F G) 
And let the wedding bell ring 
Hand in hand we'll stand upon the sand 
With the preacher man 
G                         C    F G   (C F G) 
And let the wedding bell ring 


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