David Allan Coe

Rings Around Rosie

David Allan Coe

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Rings Around Rosie

G C Don't mention Rings Around Rosie G D She won't play that game again G C It's gonna take more than posies G D G For Rosie to trust any man.
G C Rosie tends to judge all men D G By what one fool has done C She's payin? for her big mistake D G She says that games? no fun.
G C I know Rosie loves me D G And I'll ask her for her hand C But not today, she?d run away D G Her heart needs time to mend.
G C She'll be mine given time D G If I jump the gun we?ll be through C I love that girl with all my heart D G That's why I'm askin? you.
G C When the time is right I?ll ask her D G She gave up on matrimony C She needs time to find out D G My love isn?t phoney.
G C You say you're just tryin? to help me D G You say you don't mean to be nosey C If what you say is true, then I'm beggin? you D G Don't mention Rings Around Rosie. G C If what you say is true, then I'm beggin? you D G Don't mention no Rings Around Rosie.

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