Lionel Richie

Three Times a Lady

Lionel Richie

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Three Times a Lady

Year: 1992 - Album: Live In Paris [Deluxe CD/DVD]

Written by Lionel Brockman Richie Jr

	  		A9              A/G               F#m    Dm6/F     
Thanks  for  the times  that  you've  given   me  /  
A9             A/G        F#m 
The memories  are  all in my  mind  
Dm6/F   A9  
            and  now  that  we've  
A/G        F#m             Dm6/F    
come  to the end  of   our  rainbow  
  A9                A/G            F#m  Dm6/F  
there's something I  must  say  out  loud!            
  A       E/G#  Em/G               D/F# 
You're  once,  twice,  three  times  a lady  
Bm       A         E   E/D             A      E/G#  
     And  I love  you   / Yes, you're  once , twice,           
Em/G                  D/F#  Bm          A    E    E/D  E/C#  
         three times  a lady     and  I love you! 
E/B   A   A7+  D  Bm             A           A7+ 
I love  you            When  we  are together  
    D/A                     A       A7+  
the moments  I cherish   with every beat of   my   
D/A       A               A7+ 
heart  to touch  you  to hold you  
to feel  you  , to need  you      
          A             A7+     D/A  (A  A7+  D/A) 
 there's   nothing  to  keep  us  apart !  
                              A      E/G#   
Hum, hum hum.....  /   You're  once  twice          
Em/G                   D/F#  Bm        A 
       three  times   a lady    / and  I  love 
E    E/D   E/C#           E/B    A  
you !                      I love  you. 

Contribuição: Diego Gadenz([email protected])

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