Patrick  Swayze

Shes Like The Wind

Patrick Swayze

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Shes Like The Wind

Written by Patrick Swayze, Stacy Widelitz

Intro: (C  Em)  x2 

 C                              Em  C                         Em 
She's like the wind through my tree she rides the night next to me 
C                                                       Em 
She leads me through moonlight only to burn me with the sun 
       C                                              Em 
She's taken my heart but she doesn't know what she's done 

           Am                          Bm 
Feel her breath on my face her body close to me 
       Am                     Bm             d 
Can't look in her eyes she's out of my league 

G       D/F#        Em         D             C                     
 Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs she's like the wind 

   C                            Em       C                         Em 
I look in the mirror and all I see Is a young old man with only a dream 
           C                                 Em 
Am I just fooling myself that she'll stop the pain 
 C                           Em 
living without her I'll go insane 

Again pre chorus and chorus 

G       D/F#        Em           D         C   G/B       Am     D 
 just a fool to believe (just a fool to believe   sheŽ like a wind) few times 


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