Lila McCann

With You

Lila McCann

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With You

Capo on 2nd fret
D                     G      A 
Last night I couldn't sleep 
D                        G    A 
I found it hard to even breath 
D                   G    A 
Oh, I'm in trouble deep 
D            G   A 
with you... 
D                  G   A 
Today I stayed in bed 
D                        G      A 
can't shake these voices in my head 
D                    G   A 
I've fallen off the edge  
D            G  A 
with you... 
          Bm          D                Bm     D 
well, all my friends say that I'm way out of touch 
    Bm                   D 
If I'm not crazy then, baby 
G             A 
this must be love... 
D        G      A     D     G 
I would go anywhere, do anything 
no, I don't care 
C                   G 
As long as I know I'll always go 
with you 
Instrumental: D  G  A  D  G  A 
with you 
The end!! 
I love this song so.. much, and hopefully yall will like it too!! 
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