Mark Willard

With You

Mark Willard

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With You

	  		//F Am Bb9// 

Verse 1 
F            Am             Bb9 
  You have been so good to me 
F             Am                Bb9 
  How can I find the words to thank You? 
F              Am                 Bb9 
 Healer of broken hearts and broken dreams 
F               Am                  Bb9 
 Lord I will never cease to praise You 

      F         C              Gm         Bb                            F 
With You, all things are possible. Like an eagle I can soar 
      C              Gm       Bb                   F 
With You the giants fall, they rise no more 
      C         Gm        Bb                           F 
With You I overcome when fear and faith collide 
         C         Gm         
There?s nothing I can?t do 
Bb                                   F       Am      Bb9 
Anything is possible with you 

Verse 2 
I am constantly amazed 
You are a God forever faithful. 
As I look back on my history of grace, 
how could I be anything but grateful? 


No mountain is too high, there?s no valley that?s too deep 
You?re calling me to walk by faith so I will take the lead 


F Am Bb9 

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