John Berry

Power Windows

John Berry

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Power Windows

	  		A                           E 
Johnny drives a brand new Mercedes Bendz 
He's got another one like it just like all his friends 
     A                              E 
His wife is playing tennis and his kids are at school. 
He drives home to his empty house Sits by his empty swimming pool  
But he's got 
     A                      E 
1.)Power windows He's got power brakes 
             D                A 
He's got a power bed push a button and it shakes 
             A              E 
He's got no one to talk to tears rolling down his face 
     D                             A 
He ain't got the power, power of love 
A                        E 
Louis drives a beat up sixty-nine dart 
Swears it's the statute of Mary keep the car from falling apart 
A                                 E 
Gracie right beside him sitting closer than a smile 
She's got her head on his shoulder Oh how he loves to drive and hold her  
But he ain't got 
     A                             E 
No power windows he aint' got no power brakes 
He ain't got no power nothing but he's got what it takes 
            A                        E 
He's got Gracie's arm around him A smile upon his face 
               D               A   
He's got the power, power of love 
   D                         E 
* No air conditioning, No cellular telephone 
* He goes rumbling down the highway 
** Listening to his AM on the radio 
    D                             E        
** One arm out the window and a smile upon his face 
** Make you wonder how he got there 
            D               F#m 
** Til you see him look at Grace  See him look at Grace 
               A     E                       A 
He's got the power (ain't that the power of love 
               A     E                        D           
He's got the power  ain't that the power of love 
                   (ain't that the power of love)  
repeat * 
repeat ** 
repeat chorus 2, go to ending 
           A     E                       A 
Power of love (ain't that the power of love) 
          A      E                       A 
Power of love (ain't that the power of love) 
           A     E                       A                      
Power of love (ain't that the power of love) 
  E                        A      E                       A 
(ain't that the power of love) (ain't that the power of love) 

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