John Berry

You And Only You

John Berry

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You And Only You

You And Only You 
Recorded By John Berry 
Words & Music By Chuck Jones and J.D. Martin 
Intro:  E     B7     F#m7   E/G A9 
It sure is good to see you girl 
You're still the only one 
You're looking just as lovely 
As the day our love was born 
Remember when you told me 
I could make it on my own 
Without you here to hold me 
I'm afraid I'm not that strong 
Verse 2 
Happy ever after's not so easy to aquire 
Only you could ever measure up to my desire 
Baby you gave up on me just a little bit too soon 
And left me here for lonely, howling at the moon 
E		        B7 				       F#m7     E/G# 
All I need is one more chance    to prove my love for you 
I tried my best to live without you 
E/B			    B7 
You hold the power in your hands 
	        F#m7        E/G#    A9			      E        B7     F#m7   E/G#  A(9) 
You and only you                can make these broken dreams come true 
Verse 3 
I'm asking your forgiveness 
I know I'm the one to blame 
I've finally learned my lesson 
Love is more than just a game 
And please don't try to tell me 
A little time is all I need 
'Cause time he ain't no friend of mine 
'Til he brings you back to me 
Guitar Solo           C#m7    E/G#   F#7 
         F#m   E/G#     A(9)				 E 
Only you,          can make these broken dreams come true. 
Transcribed by CG	[email protected] 


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