Jason Upton

Glory Come Down

Jason Upton

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by  2U4UBYU

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Glory Come Down

Year: 2001 - Album: Faith

	  		Verse 1: 
Em                   G/B     C 
Father listen to our earnest prayer 
Em              D/F#  G 
Jesus prayed it years ago 
C                            Dsus 
That the glory you had given him 
C                        Bsus 
We would somehow come to know 

Em                    G/B     C 
Make us one according to your plan 
Em           D/F#    G 
As in heaven it will be 
C                          Dsus 
Fill us with the truth and righteousness 
C                       Bsus 
You desire the world to see 
Em C D/F# G Let your glory and honor Em C Dsus Fall on our face Em C D/F# G Holy father C Dsus Em Rest in this place
Verse 2: Em G/B C The church is sick in need of God alone Em D/F# G People we must seek his face C Dsus If we'll turn from our unrighteousness C Bsus He'll forgive our evil ways Em G/B C May the eyes of God be on us here Em D/F# G Lord, revive us by your grace C Dsus Holy spirit be forever near C Bsus Saturate us in this place Bridge: Em Let the fire fall D/F# Let the wind blow G Let the glory come down (repeat as desired) 2001 40 Psalms Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing) All rights reserved. International copyright secured

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